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Future of Internet Marketing and SBI

Internet marketing or doing business online is already very competitive and becoming more and more difficult. Chances of surviving in the online business game are very slim if you are not on the right track. Search Engines such as Google and Bing tighten their search results to bring more relevant and quality websites in their search results and penalizing bad websites.

What does this mean to online business owners?

If your business is depending on free traffic (search engine traffic) then you need to understand how to build your online business and websites to satisfy both humans and search engines.

Search Engines cannot survive if they don’t bring quality results according to search terms people are entering. They spend millions of dollars every month to fine-tune their search programs and eliminate crappy websites, so only quality and relevant websites will remain high in their rankings.

The very first step of Site Build It (SBI) is to teach people how to build websites with quality and relevant content, so both visitors and Search Engines will love it.

Tips for online business owners

If you are already in online business then take a note of following tips.

  • Provide more relevant and unique content in your website.
  • Add more one-way incoming links from relevant websites.
  • Never link to or obtain links from crappy websites
  • Never obtain links from web pages that have lot of links on them.
  • Never stuff keywords unnecessarily.
  • Never try to trick search engines for short term gains. You will be found and penalized sooner or later.

Don’t have an online business yet?

If you are planning to start your own online business then the best advise I can provide you is learn how to do it properly. Avoid short cuts and short term tricks. The best way to start your online business is to join SBI and build your online business while you are learning. At the end of your training you will have an online business that is built to make both humans and search engines happy.

Internet Marketing in 2013 and beyond

With the knowledge I have gathered during last 10 years doing online business, I can almost assure you that search engines will rank websites depending on how users are interacting with websites. Few examples are

  • How long the visitor was in the website?
  • Have visitors posted comments in the website?
  • How many pages they have read?


If you don’t have quality content in your website then you won’t gen none of the above. If you don’t have the right design, proper navigation and internal linking then again you won’t be able to keep visitors on your website. This is why proper learning is critical for online business in 2013 and beyond.

Are You Already Marketing On The Internet?

Businesses cannot survive without marketing on the Internet. Are you already marketing on the Internet? Having a website is not Internet marketing. You must generate sales or ready to by leads from your website. This article will provide useful tips for those who are already marketing their businesses online.

Take a moment to think about how you would really answer below question. If given enough thought just about any business owner who utilizes the Internet for any purpose will likely find that whether or not they intentionally organized an Internet marketing campaign, they may already be marketing their products and services on the Internet. This article will examine some subtle ways business owners may already be marketing their business on the Internet.

Do you have a website for your business? Business owners who answer yes to this question may be already marketing their products or services online just by virtue of the fact that they have a website online. Having a live website means there is the potential for curious Internet users to access your website only if your website

ranked high on serach engine results. You may not be actively promoting your website but you may still find that your website generates interest in your products despite the lack of promotional endeavors. On the other hand, if you develop your business website in search engine and human friendly manner then you have a great potential of increasing sales.

Do you market your business via discussion forums and online social networks such as Facebook? Again business owners who answer yes to this question are already marketing their website online. Savvy business owners realize the importance of participation in industry related discussion forums to create an interest in their products and services, establish themselves as knowledgeable about the industry and offer a link to their own website even if it is in the signature line of their posts.

Do you include keywords which are relevant to your business in the title tag, description tag and content of your website? Business owners who answer yes to this question are also already marketing on the Internet by optimizing their website for these keywords. These search engine optimization (SEO) affects the websites whether or not they were even aware of the concept of keyword usage and how it can help to SEO a website. Business owners will likely use certain words often depending on the type of products and services they offer just because it is natural and logical to do so. This tendency, however, can result in search engines boosting your website rankings for these particular keywords. The concept of SEO is much more involved and complex than simply using keywords frequently but business owners can gain some benefit just by naturally applying relevant keywords to their website.

Do you solicit feedback from your customers online? This is yet another example of how business owners can improve sales by marketing their business on the Internet.

Most business owners realize the importance of soliciting feedback from customers for business purposes and business owners who offer products online might solicit feedback in the form of online surveys. Although the business owners may be doing this simply for a business purpose the fact that it is done online makes it fall into the category of Internet marketing.

We have already discussed several ways in which business owners can use the Internet to increase sales. But what about business owners who want to have an increased online presence? Business owners who may already be marketing online but don’t get enough sales? The answer is to learn the art of Internet marketing or hire a consultant with experience in Internet marketing to assist you in creating a website which is effective for your target audience.

Tip for Sales Agency Business Owners

Do you own a sales agency? Are you authorized to sell any product on behalf of the manufacturer or the master sales agent? Then read this story and learn how to double or triple your sales.

Jerry Mack is a sales agent for a medical equipment distributor. He was struggling to get enough leads to sell his products. With just one important decision followed by actions Jerry managed to skyrocket his sales.

Read Jerry’s full story here and what he did to increase his sales.

Don’t depend on your head office for leads

Many sales agents are depending on the head office or master sales agent to provide leads. As you can see, you are limiting your potential sales by depending on the head office to do your marketing. Follow Jerry’s strategy and you will see results within few months.

How Can You Build a Business Without Boundaries?

Is it possible to build a business without boundaries? Boundaries such as amount of time to spend, initial investment, space, marketing, staff etc.

The answer is YES. If you can build an online business in the right way then you don’t have to worry about those boundaries. Note that I said “build an online business in the right way”.  Because all online businesses cannot give you the freedom you need.
So how to do it?

First let’s watch how these everyday normal people have done it.

What is common in all these people? They all had no idea how to start an online business. They don’t have the technical knowledge of how to build a website. But they all had a vision, target and the right tool set.

How to Start an Online Info Products Business

Online info products business is becoming increasingly popular. But only few know how to do it properly and make a full-time income. This page will help you to start your online information products on the right track.

There are a lot of people who would love to be able to create a cool informational product and be able to make a great living (even get rich) while sitting in a comfy chair in front of their computers knowing that never again would they have to drive in rush hour traffic with all those crazies or put up with an unrelenting, over zealous boss who never had and never would or could be pleased. What a beautiful vision! The truth is that that lovely vision can become a reality but you will have to pay your dues first. Successful niche markets for an informational product don’t grow on trees or fall out of the sky.

What is an info product?

An information product is a material that is targeting a specific topic. The topic can be a self help guide, how to guide, remedies for a specific disease etc.

The most popular and easy to sell info products are digital information products such as eBooks and downloadable videos. Also an info product can be a website with useful information about a specific topic.

First, find an idea for your info product business

The first thing you need and must have to create an informational product is an idea…a subject…a topic…that will fill the needs, solve a problems, or just make life better for some particular and very specific segment of the general population. You are surrounded by ideas if you just look. Look at yourself first. What is your biggest problem? Do your friends share the problem? Are you passionate about a hobby or a sport? These kinds of things are the stuff of which informational products are made of. So the very first thing you need is to identify a topic and, thereby, a market.

Do your research

Another thing that you need to have in order to create an informational product which will become successful is research. Every topic and every subject are not going to make money. Many of them will…but just as many will not. The best research is accomplished by reading and talking to people who have succeeded in niche marketing informational products. Savvy niche marketers can spot a great topic from forty paces with one eye shut. Ask. Read. Research.

Tip – Going to Bookshops to Identify a Hot Market

The day may come when people do all of their researching and reading online but it isn’t here yet. Fiction, of course, will always be in print… it would be hard to curl up with a good novel in front of the fireplace on a cold winter day with a computer. Research, however, may eventually all be done online. People buy ‘how-to’ books and books that are devoted to solving their problems and/or making their lives better every day. By identifying the hot market books that are being sold in bookshops (online and off line) you can identify a hot niche marketing topic.

Go to the bookshops in your area and take note of the kinds of non-fiction books that are stocked. You should particularly note the ones that are self-help or how-to books. If you can create the opportunity, ask the stock boy which ones are selling the best. He’s the one who knows what is being restocked most often.  That failing, ask a floor salesperson the same question. Asking the bookstore owner or manager is the last option. They are more likely to be pushing the books that aren’t selling well in order to make a sale.  Learn by whatever means you can which self-help or how-to books are the hottest sellers.

Another option is the online bookstores. You can’t, of course, ask for information from a person but you can research the site and determine which of the non-fiction self-help or how-to books are highest in sales. A good option is book reviews. See which topics have the highest number of reviews.

Finding out what books people are most often buying can give you some insight into what the hot market subjects are. Armed with this information, you can go about creating a niche marketing website that will have a better chance of becoming successful.

When you have an idea and have done the research that has proven that there is a market for your informational product, the rest is just a matter of creating the product building a great website and advertising it.

Is there an easy way to do all above?

Yes. Site Build It has a proven process and advanced tools to start an online info products business easily and quickly.Read more about it on the Site Build It online info products business page.

Affiliate Marketing – The Best Way to Start an Online Business

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the quickest, easiest and the best way to start an online business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate is a person similar to a sales person who promotes a product or service for commission.  In online affiliate marketing you do promotion through websites.

#1 Tip for Online Affiliate Marketing

It is ALWAYS better to buy and use the product or service first before promoting it as an affiliate. It feels good if you promote something that you know by firsthand experience. This also helps to build your online business as you can write a lot about good and bad about the product or service.

How to learn affiliate marketing Free?

Affiliate masters course (eBook) is by far the best source to learn affiliate marketing. The good news is it is free. Click here to download the affiliate masters course ebook.

Real Affiliate Marketing Websites

Here are very successful websites that are using affiliate marketing to earn money. All these websites have been built using Site Build It tools and guidelines.


Good articles About Affiliate Marketing

Here are good articles about affiliate marketing business.

 The Nuts And Bolts Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Q&A Series: The Money Side of an Affiliate Marketing Business


What is financial freedom?

Financial freedom is definitely not being rich. Though being rich is a major part, it itself cannot bring financial freedom. It is a combination of money and state of mind.

Financial freedom has different meanings to different people. Here is my own definition of financial freedom.

If you can go to a shop and buy any item without looking at the price tag then you are financially free.”

Here are few of my favourite financial freedom quotes

Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.
Groucho Marx

Lack of money is the root of all evil.
George Bernard Shaw

A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.
Suze Orman

My definition of financial freedom is simple: it is the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work or rely on anyone else for money.
T. Harv Eker

Good Financial Freedom Related Websites

Here are a few good web pages you can read about financial freedom.

Keys To Financial Freedom

Create Wealth During the Current Economic Disaster

So what’s your definition or meaning of financial freedom? Please leave a comment and share with the other readers.It will be an inspiration for all financial freedom seekers.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Courses

Site Build It is not the only Internet marketing course I have purchased. I did buy over 15 different Internet marketing courses. Below are my top 3 all time favourite Internet marketing systems. The ranking is based on the income I am generating from each system.

#1 – Site Build It (SBI)

Yes SBI is the BEST. This entire website is all about SBI. So visit the Home Page and learn what is SBI and how it can help you to achieve your financial goals.


#2 – Google Sniper

The concept of Google Sniper system is to build highly targeted mini websites in different niches and attract free search engine traffic to generate income.

Average website in this system contains only 5 or 6 pages. They are targeting very tight niches. The system teaches you how to build these mini websites in a “certain way” to get high search engine rankings. The target of each site is to make a small income. Each website will take onl few days to build and promote. Once built a site you can move to the second website.At the end you will own multiple mini websites that are generating a good income collectively.

The course contains both ebooks and videos. Both are downloadable and you can study on your own speed.

Google Sniper concept is completely opposite to Site Build It (SBI) long term online business building theory. However, if you want cash quickly then Google Sniper is the best system in the market.

Click Here to visit the official Google Sniper website.


#3 – Blogging To The Bank

By now I think most people in the world know about blogs. What most don’t know as there is a great income to be made as well for free.

Rob Benwell is only a mere 24 years old and has already made several million dollars. Early in 2006 he shared his secrets with the world in his highly successful Blogging To The Bank ebook and has made making money online a whole lot easier for everyone.

Just over two years after the success of his first book and over 20,000 copies sold of it and the 2007 2.0 update he is now releasing his third version of Blogging to the Bank helping to wet our appetites and keep the fat bucks rolling in.

I got this book as soon as I could and it covers quite a lot of new information and techniques to adapt your blog to the new demands of the major search engines. Many of the techniques in the old book are now dated and don’t work so well. This is why Blogging To The Bank 2010 is useful.

Saying that when he “goes off on one” it may take a few reads until you get it but when you do it’s just shear genius. Some of the topics in my opinion could have been covered a little more, then others went into great detail. You also get his 5 Blogging Commandments For 2010 that you must follow to give you blogs the greatest success in 2009 and keep them future proofed. This should be printed out and put on the wall of every online marketer without a doubt! His book starts off with market research (so that you are making the most of your time) to building your blogging empire. Everything is covered in this new outing that helps bloggers withtodays online issues regarding making the all mighty search engines happy.

If you are out there in the blogging world and want to make money the easy way then I highly recommend Blogging To The Bank 2010.

Click Here to visit Blogging to the Bank website.

Site Build It Founder Dr Ken Evoy

Dr. Ken Evoy is the founder of Site Build It. Actually He is the founder of SiteSell Inc which owns SBI.

Dr. Ken Evoy formerly taught and practiced emergency medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He was born in Montreal, Canada and holds degrees in science and medicine from McGill University.
He started his business career when he developed several software products and selling them online. His online marketing skills were so successful. At present he has designed over 23 products.

Watch Dr. Ken Evoy’s Video

Dr. Evoy’s intention is to offer the absolute best tools and information available on the market in the most accessible format and at the most affordable price. He feels strongly that every small business can be empowered to use the Internet to leverage their income-building potential — whether it is to build an e-business, grow an existing offline business, or create a secondary income stream.

It is with this in mind that SiteSell has developed Site Build It (SBI) that delivers real traffic and guaranteed results to novices and savvy pros alike.

Site Build It Q & A

Do you have any questions about Site Build It (SBI)? Then post them here and I will provide answers. If you prefer answers directly from a SiteSell representative then visit SBI questions page of SiteSell Inc.