Detailed Review of Site Build It

This is a very comprehensive review of Site Build It. You are about to see inside information of SBI that is available only for SBI members.

Let’s start the journey.

Your first step to understand the overview of Site Build It. Visit what is Site Build It page and read a quick summary of SBI. Then click your browser back button and come back to this page.

Now you understand the basics of Site Build It. SBI is a complete solution to build a profitable e-business from home. Let’s get in to more details of SBI.

Main Components of Site Build It

SBI has following components to help you to build an online business.

– Tools
– Training
– Ongoing Support

Let’s review details of above items. Please visit Site Build It Screens page for screen prints of all below sections in the members only area.

Site Build it Tools

SBI has many tools to build your online business. Here are the details of these tools.

Brainstorm It

The very first tool you are going to use in SBI is the “Brainstorm It”. This tool will help you to brainstorm a profitable business theme/business idea for your online business. It will tell you how profitable the business theme is based on supply and demand. Then it will display a list of keywords that people are typing in search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) that are related to your business idea.

For an example you may want to build an online business about “Dog Biscuits”. The tool can identify how many people are looking for details about Dog biscuits and how many good websites are available about this subject. It provides many more details for you to make a decision on your business idea.


SiteBuilder is a collection of tools to help you building your website. The tools have been designed in such a way that anyone can build a professional looking website without having any knowledge of building websites.

With the help of SiteBuilder you are not only going to attractive web pages to visitors you will also build web pages that are attractive to search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This will bring traffic (many visitors) to your website.

Business Centre

You can use these tools to set-up forms to collect subscriber information (Name, email etc) and send newsletters.

Traffic Centre

Traffic Centre provided valuable information on how many people visited your website, which keyword did they use, which country are they from etc.

Info Centre

This is the most attractive part of SBI. Info Centre tools provides many ways of making money through your website. This is where you are going to convert visitors to customers.

Site Build It Training

SBI Action Guide is the main training component in Site Build It. It has 10-day action plan and video and manual tutorials for each day.

Apart from the above training online help is available for each tool that I described above.

Site Build It Support

SBI has a dedicated support team. In addition there is a friendly discussion forum where you can find answers to almost all your questions. In my experience, the support has been outstanding compared to many other vendors I have dealt with.

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