Future of Internet Marketing and SBI

Internet marketing or doing business online is already very competitive and becoming more and more difficult. Chances of surviving in the online business game are very slim if you are not on the right track. Search Engines such as Google and Bing tighten their search results to bring more relevant and quality websites in their search results and penalizing bad websites.

What does this mean to online business owners?

If your business is depending on free traffic (search engine traffic) then you need to understand how to build your online business and websites to satisfy both humans and search engines.

Search Engines cannot survive if they don’t bring quality results according to search terms people are entering. They spend millions of dollars every month to fine-tune their search programs and eliminate crappy websites, so only quality and relevant websites will remain high in their rankings.

The very first step of Site Build It (SBI) is to teach people how to build websites with quality and relevant content, so both visitors and Search Engines will love it.

Tips for online business owners

If you are already in online business then take a note of following tips.

  • Provide more relevant and unique content in your website.
  • Add more one-way incoming links from relevant websites.
  • Never link to or obtain links from crappy websites
  • Never obtain links from web pages that have lot of links on them.
  • Never stuff keywords unnecessarily.
  • Never try to trick search engines for short term gains. You will be found and penalized sooner or later.

Don’t have an online business yet?

If you are planning to start your own online business then the best advise I can provide you is learn how to do it properly. Avoid short cuts and short term tricks. The best way to start your online business is to join SBI and build your online business while you are learning. At the end of your training you will have an online business that is built to make both humans and search engines happy.

Internet Marketing in 2013 and beyond

With the knowledge I have gathered during last 10 years doing online business, I can almost assure you that search engines will rank websites depending on how users are interacting with websites. Few examples are

  • How long the visitor was in the website?
  • Have visitors posted comments in the website?
  • How many pages they have read?


If you don’t have quality content in your website then you won’t gen none of the above. If you don’t have the right design, proper navigation and internal linking then again you won’t be able to keep visitors on your website. This is why proper learning is critical for online business in 2013 and beyond.