Retirees Building Online Businesses

If you are retired or soon to be retired then you will find this article very interesting.  Especially if you are not happy with your retirement income or need more money every month.

When you reach the retirement age you must be definitely having the following.

  • A wealth of knowledge and skills, gained from life experience
  • Time and/or the desire to learn a new skill or hobby

Do you know the above two creates a perfect foundation for a profitable online business?

Still not sure. Then watch the video below.

What You Should Do?

What you need to do is simply follow Site Build It (SBI) process and use SBI tools to build your website and online business. You don’t need any knowledge on how to build a website. SBI does everything. The only thing you need to do is typing. That means add content to the website.

Here is another example

Audrey is a professional writer. She is retired and started writing and editing business to earn some extra cash. However, it was difficult to find new customers. Finally Audrey built a website using SBI ( Now customers visit her website and contact her for writing jobs. She is receiving endless writing and editing jobs. The few extra cash income has grown to a full-time retirement income. Watch her video below.


Visit the official SBI page for retirees to read more real life stories of successful online business built by retirees.

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