Site Build It Action Guide – Free Access

The Site Build It Action Guide is the step-by-step tutorial (video and read guide) of SBI. It shows you, how to build , market and grow your new Web site and online business, all with the help of SBI!’s comprehensive suite of tools.

Many of novices shy away from creating their first Web site because they often worry it will be too complicated.  The Site Build It Video Action Guide will help squash those fears.

For an example, vist the DAY 6 materials of the action guide and watch the Look and Feel Selector in action.  When you witness how easy it really is to select and publish your design, this will put your minds at ease and erase those fears of the process being too technical or complicated.

Next, visit the Block Builder section of Day 6. It will show you that no HTML or technical experience is needed to build a website with Site Build It. If you can type, you can create a Web page! 

If you are already a webmaster…

While many Webmasters are capable of creating savvy designs, many of them are inexperienced when it comes to marketing and drawing in targeted traffic.

SBI!-owning Webmasters flock to the forums to announce their success.  They now realize Web site building is more than just “getting a site up” and SBI! takes it far beyond that initial step.

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