Site Build It Process

Site Build It teaches you a simple but powerful process to make money online. Any Internet based business can make good income if they follow this process. My site build it review is not complete if I don’t explain the process.

The C T P M process

C is for content

The philosophy behind SBI is to build content rich websites. The content must be original and useful to the user. This is why you must start a website about a subject that you know and love to write. SBI has tools and training on how to build a content rich website.

T is for traffic

Websites are useless if they don’t receive traffic. SBI’s main focus is free search engine traffic.  The SBI system contains tools and full training on how to get free targeted traffic. You just need to simply follow the instructions and strategies and implement them. The SBI system and tools will do the rest.

P is for Pre-Sell

SBI sites don’t sell. They pre-sell and motivate the visitor to become a buyer. Your visitors will trust you if your website has useful information. They will follow your recommendations. Pre-sell is an art. SBI training has dedicated chapters to teach you how to write to website visitors and convert visitors to buyers.

M is for monetize

This is the final step of the process. There are multiple ways to make money from your website. Here are just a few.

  • Send your visitors to merchant websites and earn commission (affiliate marketing).
  •  Sell your own digital product (eBook, video etc).
  •  Sell your service if you are a service provider.
  •  Increase sales if you are a small business owner or a network marketing member.
  •  Sell advertisement space on your website.
  •  Generate leads and earn finder’s fee.

There are many other ways to make money and the monetize process in SBI will teach you all these methods.

I have purchased many other Internet marketing and home based business courses. They all describe pieces of the CTPM process. SBI is the only place that has all the pieces together.

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