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Do you have any questions about Site Build It (SBI)? Then post them here and I will provide answers. If you prefer answers directly from a SiteSell representative then visit SBI questions page of SiteSell Inc.


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  1. Jenny

    I own a small business and my customers are locals in the suburb and nearby suburbs. I want to use the Internet to attract more business. Can you please explain how SBI can help me to achieve my goal?


    Jenny, this is a very good question. Most of the local business owners stay away from online marketing due to lack of their knowledge on how to use the power of the Internet to increase sales. With the development of “local search” facility by most of the major search engines there is a huge potential for local business owners to promote their business.

    SBI introduces many useful tools and techniques for small business owners to promote their business to the local market. Site Build It has developed a small book to explain the process. Usually this book is sold for $4.95. However, you can download it free via my special link. Right-click here to download the book.

  2. Josh

    I am new to online business. My target is to make $5000 a month. Is this achievable with Site Build It? How long will it take to reach this target?


    Yes it is achievable. I can tell you this without any doubt. However, I cannot say how long it will take. It will be depending on your effort. Some people have achieved similar targets within one year. SBI has the process, tools and training to earn much more than $5000 a month.

    The important point is to start the journey. If you start today you will hit your target.

  3. Ian

    I noticed Josh’s question and your answer. I am receiving a load of emails everyday promising millions of dollars in no time. I don’t see any different between those systems and Site build it. How do we know whether SBI is different?


    First of all, SBI is not a get rich quick scheme. They have never promised this. SBI is a long term online business building system.

    The best way to understand whether Site Build It is a scam or not is to use it. They have a 90-day money back guarantee. Also you can visit our site build it scam page for more information to decide whether SBI is a scam.

  4. P.Sharma

    I am from India. Can you please tell me whether site build it system will work in countries like india?


    Of course it will work. It doesn’t matter where Of course it will work. It doesn’t matter where you live in. Internet is global and you are building an online business for the global market.

    Tip: You should not focus only on the buyers in India. As far as I know, India still does not have a huge market that is shopping online. Therefore you should not build a SBI website based on a product or service that is only available for the Indian market.

  5. Lee

    I am a website builder. I have built many websites for my clients. Is SBI useful for me?


    There are many people who can build professional looking websites. But are they making money? Are they attracting thousands of targeted visitors (traffic) with a buying mindset?

    The difference between normal websites and SBI sites is the income. Building a website is not enough. You must build an online business, which will help you to achieve financial freedom. This is what SBI can do for you.

  6. Robert Kenzevic

    How many hours per week do I have devote for Site Build It?


    Look, there is no rule. You can spend 1 hour a week or 70 hours a week. The results will be quicker if you can spend more hours. However, keep in mind that there is no rush. You are building a long-term solid online business.

    With my experience, about 10 hours a week would be ideal.

  7. Tatanya

    Is this a MLM Pyramid marketing system?

    If you read my review properly then you will definitely understand that SBI is NOT a MLM (multi level marketing) system. It has nothing to do with MLM. However, current MLM owners can double or triple their leads and sales if they follow the SBI process.

  8. Angioletta

    Hi, I am from Italy. Can I use Site Build It to develop a website in Italian?


    Yes you can use SBI to build non English websites. Visit the SBI Italian page to read details in Italian language.

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