Sitebuildit Survey Results

Sitesell Inc, the company who owns SitebuildIt did months long survey to find out what stopping people trying SBI. The results were comprehensive and eye-opening. They were so important in fact, that Sitesell created a dedicated page with answers to the most common concerns expressed by survey takers.

You can see the results of this survey and response from SBI by visiting the SBI Survey page.

Honestly, I also had some concerns when I was starting with Sitebuildit. My main issues were

  1. Can I afford the cost?
  2. I need more information to convince myself.
  3. Not sure if I can do it.

Now after eight years with SBI, when I look back and see what I have achieved financially and generally in life, I am glad that I did not allow my concerns to stop me going with Site Build It. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t use SBI.

I always believe that life is about choices. Your choices can make dramatic changes in your life negatively or positively.
When it comes to choosing SBI or not the best way is to overcome your concerns is to measure best case and worst case scenarios.

Worst case scenario – You won’t make any money with SBI. You wasted your time. Note that you won’t waste your money as SBI come with 90-day money back guarantee.

Best case scenario – You will make enough money with SBI that will give you the financial freedom and lifestyle you always wanted.
Which way do you want to go?