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A Negative Review of Site Build It (SBI)

This Site Build It review website is not complete if I don’t mention the negative side of SBI. I think the correct word to use is “areas can be improved” instead of negative. You may ask who cares as long as SBI sites are generating a good income. Yes they do generate a good income. However, SBI could be a better product if the below areas can be improved.

Look and Feel of SBI Templates

Though Site Build It has many web templates, the look and feel of basic SBI templates can be improved. It has flexibility of improving the design if you know a bit of technical stuff. But a complete novice may find it a bit difficult.

No Blogging Facility

Site Build It automatically ads all pages to an automated blog. However, this does not provide full blogging capabilities similar to other blogging platforms such as WordPress.

Nothing much for advanced Internet marketers

The whole SBI system (education, tools etc) is focusing on beginner and intermediate online business builders. If you are an advanced Internet marketer and running a successful online business then you may find only a little resources are available for you.

Side note: Having said that, I have to admit that being an advanced Internet marketer (8 years in online business) I still use SBI.

Site administration area is not attractive

Though this is not a problem for me, I have seen some SBI users are complaining about this. The Admin panel (called Site Central in SBI) is not an area with graphics and icons. It has plain text links and buttons to navigate to each section of the Admin panel. Some users may find this boring and not user-friendly.

You can see screen prints of the Admin panel (site central) on SBI screens page.

Apart from the above, I don’t have any other negative points to mention. If you have used SBI and want to add a negative review of Site Build It then use the below comment form and share your experience.


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