What is Site Build It?

What is Site Build It? The short answer is SBI is an e-business solution that you can build a profitable online business from home without knowing anything about building websites or business.

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When you join Site Build It you will get the following:


    • Complete training on how to build a profitable e-Business from home. Training materials includes a 10-day action plan with video tutorials and manuals. Need to know more about training materials? Visit Site Build It action guide page


    • Tools (if you can type you can build a website with these tools). Some of the tools are best in the Internet Marketing industry. Trust me I have purchased many tools. But nothing can be compared with SBI tools. Click Here to read more about SBI tools (will open in a new window)


    • Dedicated support team.


    • Support from fellow SBI users who have already built a profitable e-businesses.


    • Access to SBI discussion forum. This is not just another forum. The members are sharing many valuable tips in the forum. For me, this is the best part of SBI.



What is the cost of Site Built It?

SBI is a yearly subscription based system. It is $299 per year. If you follow the step-by-step training you can easily recover the cost within a few months.

Certain things that I don’t like about SBI

There are few areas that I personally don’t like about Site Built It. This is my personal view and may not be the view of another person.

– SBI method is based on building a profitable long-term e-business. If you are an inpatient person and need to see results very quickly then you may not like SBI.

– SBI teaches you many strategies on building an online business. Some people may get confused at the beginning due to this large array of techniques.

Useful links to learn more about Site Build It

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